Answer Reveal: Samsung A50 VS Realme 3 Phone Camera Blind Test by Phone & Photo

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If you haven't done the blind test, Go  👉A50 VS Realme 3 Blind Test

Blind test, and find your best camera phone

Before revealing the answer, I would like to share some very useful features of A50 and Realme 3 with you, my dear friend. 😊

Phone: Samsung A50
Feature: Ultra-wide Lens

Left(Up): Standard lens /  Right(Down): Wide-angle lens

Left(Up): Standard lens /  Right(Down): Wide-angle lens

Phone: Samsung A50
Feature: Bokeh Effect

Left(Up): Bokeh Maximum / Median: Bokeh Median / Right(Down): Bokeh Minimum

Phone: Realme 3
Feature: Nightscape mode

 Left(Up): Realmeauto mode / Right(Down): RealmeNightscape mode

 Left(Up): Realmeauto mode / Right(Down): RealmeNightscape mode

Phone: Realme 3
Feature: Chroma Boost

 Left(Up): Realme 3 auto mode / Right(Down): Realmechroma boost on

 Left(Up): Realme 3 auto mode / Right(Down): Realmechroma boost on

OK, sorry to keep you waiting...

The answer is 👉A: Realme 3   B: Samsung A50

Did you guess right? 😀

Have you made a decision? Or are you still unable to nail down a phone?? No worries! We provide some suggestions as the following for you, and hope this helps!

1. Are you a travel enthusiast? Do you love landscape photography? If yes, Samsung A50's ultra-wide lens might be helpful.

2.If you care a lot about the bokeh, definitely go for Samsung A50.

3.Realme 3's nightscape mode might blow your mind. If you are into night photography, give it a shot.

4. Are you a social media person? Love to share your colorful life with fans and friends? Don't miss Realme 3's Chroma boost mode! 

👉Blind Test at Phone & Photo

Testing photos under controlled conditions in the lab.

Easily find your true love camera phone in just 1 min!

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