Answer Reveal: Samsung a50 and Vivo V15 Camera Blind Test by Phone & Photo

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If you haven't done the blind test, Go πŸ‘‰A50 VS V15 Blind Test

Blind test, and find your best camera phone

Before revealing the answer, we would like to share some camera samples which show the features the A50 has that the V15 doesn't, and vice versa. 

Phone: Samsung A50
Feature: Selfie camera / Bokeh effect

Left(Up): Bokeh effect Minimum / middle: Bokeh effect Middle / Right(Down): Bokeh effect Maximum

Phone: Vivo V15
Feature: Rear camera / Night mode

Left(Up): auto mode / Right(Down): Night mode

Phone: Vivo V15
Feature: Rear camera / Portrait light effect

Left(Up): loop-light / middle: monochrome-background / Right(Down): rainbow-light

Left(Up): stereo-light / Right(Down): studio-light

Our female colleagues love the portrait light effect so bad. How do you think about it?

Ok, sorry to keep you waiting.

The answer is πŸ‘‰A: Samsung A50   B: Vivo V15
Did you guess right? πŸ˜€

Or are you still unable to make a decision?? Below are some ideas that will help you make up your mind!

1. Are you a bokeh effect fan? Samsung A50 offers "Live focus" (a.k.a. bokeh effect) in both the front and back camera. You can also edit the effect anytime using its photo app.

2. Are you addicted to beauty mode?  Vivo v15's "AI Face Beauty" and "AI Face Shaping" will help you capture more perfect photos of yourself. The functions allow you to tweak facial features, such as skin tone, whitening, buffing, thin face, face shaping, and jaw.

3. Are you an Instagram husband/ boyfriend? Do you always feel frustrated and helpless when taking pictures for your girlfriend or wife? Now you may have found a life-saver - the brand new "AI body Shaping" from V15! Using this feature, you can create a model-like girlfriend without pain by slimming the waistline, extending the legs, and so on.

4. If you love night adventure, go for V15. Give it a try!

πŸ‘‰Blind Test at Phone & Photo

Testing photos under controlled conditions in the lab.

Easily find your true love camera phone in just 1 min!

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