Answer Reveal: POCO F1 and Xiaomi mi A2 Camera Blind Test by Phone & Photo

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If you haven't done the blind test, Go πŸ‘‰POCO F1 VS Xiaomi A2 Blind Test

Blind test, and find your best camera phone

Before revealing the answer, we would like to share you a Xiaomi A2 exclusive feature-Night scene mode. The A2's secondary camera is supposed to enhance a low light image. Is it true? And how it works? Let's check it out!

Phone: Xiaomi mi A2
Feature: Night scene

Left(Up): auto / Right(Down): Night scene

Left(Up): auto / Right(Down): Night scene

Ok, time to check the answer!

πŸ‘‰  A: Xiaomi A2   B: POCO F1  

Did you guess right?  Do you think POCO F1 performs better than A2? We do love to know your thought!

Share your thought in the comment and let us/ other readers know. 😎

Here we try to list some suggestions for your reference.

1. POCO F1 sports an AI camera to detect scenes automatically and optimize the image. The AI usually helps you take nice pictures without any hassle

2. There does exist a price gap between POCO F1 and A2. If you prefer the A2's image in our blind test, just go for A2.

3. The A2's secondary camera is supposed to enhance a low light image. However, when using the A2, we didn't see much difference between applying and not applying the night scene mode.

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